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On this page you will find most of the forms fact sheets notices and guidelines put out by the Queensland Pool Safety Council. It is our aim to supply you with all the information you will need to bring you swimming pool fences and barriers up to the new pool safety inspectors standards.
Once all the work is done and you feel confident that your pool will pass pool inspection give us a call and make an appointment for a pool safety inspector to visit.

Pool Safety Inspectors cant do it all.
Even if you have a Compliant pool fence a determined child may still be able to get in have a look at just how quickly this small child scales a pool fence. Remember pool fencing is only part of the answer and nothing beats constant supervision.

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 Griffin Pool Inspectors Brisbane and South East Queensland the pool inspectors you can realy on.

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Pool Safety Inspectors

Pool Inspectors Forms and Pool Inspectors Fact Sheets

Pool Safety Inspectors tip of the day.
Ensure the gap under the fence is no more than 100mm

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